Sutan is a tribal village inhabited by the Santhals, Munda and Bhumijra tribes. It is located at a distance of 60 km from Bankura. Forests of Sal, Palash, Mahua and Piyal surround the area. The main attraction for the tourists is the beautiful Sutan Lake. There is facility for boating in this lake. A watch tower has been constructed here to get a unmatched view of the surrounding forests. Sometimes wild elephants are also seen here which come here from Dalma Pahar.

How to Reach

One can reach Bankura by train from Howrah. From there you can get bus to reach Sutan village from Bankura.


You can stay at the Trekker's Hut which is situated beside the lake. Otherwise you can stay at Jhilimili.
Rimil Tourist Lodge, Jhilimili. Tariff - Double bed Rs. 250-450. For booking, contact: Shyama Bastralaya, P.O. - Jhilimili, Dist. - Bankura, Tel: (0953243) 240217. Kolkata booking: Holiday Managers, Tel: (033) 22485829.

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