Giridih is a health resort situated in the state of Jharkhand. The place is located on the banks of River Usri. Every year many tourists visit Giridih to recover their health. You can see distant small hills and the Usri river flowing by the side of the town. The river remains full of water during monsoon and becomes dry during the hot summers. One can also visit Usri Falls which is 13 km from the heart of the city. Other attractions include Parasnath Hill and Khandoli Dam.

How to Reach

You can reach Madhupur from Howrah by train. Giridih is 37 km from Madhupur. Buses and local trains are available from Madhupur to reach Giridih.


Hotel Galy International. Tariff - Rs. 320-1000. Tel: 06532-252715.
Hotel Swagat. Tariff - Rs. 500-1200. Tel: 06532-226207.
Hotel Kaveri. Tariff - Rs. 200-700. Tel: 9234070412.
Hotel Ashoka International. Tariff - Rs. 1800-4000. Tel: 06532-250700, 8252002708.
Hotel Man Sarovar. Tariff - Rs. 500-2800. Tel: 06532-227516, 8084802492.

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