Jhilimili is a beautiful tourist place, 15 km from Mukutmanipur, in Bankura district of West Bengal. Jhilimili is also known as the Darjeeling of South Bengal. The way from Ranibandh to Jhilimili is spectacular with dense natural forest on both sides of the road. Literally translating to sparkle in the Bengali language, Jhilimili gets its name from the sparkle of micaceous soil that covers the area. Mounted on top of a hillock, the place is surrounded by thick forests of varying heights. Flickering beams of sunlight somehow make their way through the dense foliage adding to its charm and thrill.

Sightseeing and Activities

Kangsabati river is flowing by the side of this hill which adds to the beauty of this tourist spot. A watch tower is located on the bank of the river. It offers a mind-blowing, panoramic view of the surroundings. You can take a idyllic stroll along the edge of the river or simply sit back and listen to the melodious singing of birds.

Small tribal villages are scattered in and around the forest. Those who wish to get a taste of tribal life can hike to one of the villages and spend some time with the inhabitants. The annual Tusu Parab, a tribal festival worshiping Goddess Tusu is a major attraction in the region. The festival is celebrated every year on the bank of River Kangsabati during mid-January.

Best Time to Visit

Jhilimili is best enjoyed during the winter months of November to February. Mid-January is, however, the best time to visit as it is the time when tribes in Jhilimili celebrate Tusu Parab, a tribal festival in which they worship Goddess Tusu. Tourists can get to experience tribal culture, folk songs and dance during this time.

How to Reach

Trains are running from Howrah, Santragachi and Shalimar to Bankura. It takes around three and a half hours to reach Bankura by train. Buses are running from Bankura and Mukutmanipur to Jhilimili via Khatra.


Rimil Tourist Lodge
Tariff - Rs. 350-550
For booking, contact: Shyama Bastralaya, P.O. -Jhilimili, Dist. - Bankura, Tel: 9748114667
Kolkata booking: Holiday Managers, Tel: (033) 22485829

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