Sabuj Deep

Sabuj Deep is a magnificent picnic spot run by Hooghly Zilla Parishad and WBSFDC. The place is situated at a distance of 75 km from Kolkata. It is an islet located near Balagarh at the confluence of Behula and Hooghly rivers. Spanning over an area of 180 bigha, Sabuj Deep Picnic Spot is dotted with pine, palm, eucalyptus, teak, Mahogony and other trees. The picnic spot hosts a children's park, flower garden, restaurant and a view tower. You can also go for a boat ride in the river.

Sabuj Deep

Sabuj Dwip remains open from 8 am to 6 pm.
Boat fare - Rs. 50/- per head.
Toilet and drinking water facilities is available here. There is a park too.
A few restaurants, tea and soft drinks stalls are set up during the peak season.
All arrangements for picnic has to be brought from Balagarh market.
There is no need to book the picnic spot in advance.
For more information about picnic at Sabuj Deep call 9933963219.

How to Reach

You can get trains from Howrah and Sealdah to reach Somra Bazar. From there you can take a van rickshaw ride to Sukhadia village. Sabuj Deep Ghat is located in Sukhadia village from where motor boats are plying to Sabuj Deep.

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Bublu Banerjee said...

Till date there is no night accommodation but fortunately Smt Dipa Banerjee the pioneer of Mandermani/Biharinath likely to start a new resort here by coming year.For further details one may contact 033-69547111/8017202499.

Rakhi Jain said...

Please give me the contact details how to book picnic spot.Arindam:8420919888

Pratim Das said...


reportkolcusap ap said...

Project work i.e a budget Resorton the bank of river Ganga near Sabuj Deeep initiated by Smt Dipa Banerjee(8017202499)is likely to start from March-April 2017. The project has beeen delayed due to unnecessary hindrance from local Panchayat. When a good initiative which decides to open a new Tourist circuit for tourists including Hooghly Imambara/Bandel Church/Debanandapur/ Rajhat famous for Peacock/Hooghly Pandua/Sukharia/Guptipara/ Kalna/Nabadwip/Mayapur We all expect that the work should resume in no time and tourists can enjoy the place at the earliest.

Bublu Banerjee said...

What a irony for West Bengal that when our beloved "Didi" trying her best to bring investment including Hospitality sector, a micro initiative by an Woman(Smt Dipa Banerjee) who has already proved her worth and capability is being hindered by callous politician who has dearth of foresight. Now all of us who like to travel and want some new spots to be developed not only for tourists but also which help local economy should come forward for the help of Smt Dipa Banerjee(8017202499)and encourage her for her courage and proper initiative. It will be great help for the ourists who want to visit all those places like Hooghly Imambara/ Bandel Church/ Hooghly Pandua/ Debanandapur/ Mahalyur Mahal/Sukharia/Guptipara/Kalna/ Nabadwip-Mayapur. Hope soon we will get the good news of the starting of Resort at Sabuj Dweep.

Bublu Banerjee said...

Yes, it is true that 'Sabuj Dweep Tourist Point' Resort and Picnic Spot is coming up just beside river Ganga and 20 ft from new Jetty of Sabuj Dweep in Puja 2017.After much persuasion a permission has been granted and construction has pick up to its full.Beside accommodation there will be a good eatery, Children Play area, Car Parking space,Picnic area,Travel Help,arrangement for river tour There will be two circuits like Bandel Circuit and Kalna Circuit, where tourists will explore many renowned places as also as new places which were to be ventured but could not because lack of facilities.For booking one may contact 8017202499/8017745849.