Shibpur Botanical Garden

Shibpur Botanical Garden situated in Howrah is one of Asia's largest botanical garden. During winter hundreds of people come here to see the various species of trees and plants. It is also a good picnic spot. Spanning over an area of 273 acres, apart from numerous trees and plants there are a number of water bodies and lakes which makes it more attractive to the visitors.

Botanical Garden, Shibpur

Picnic in the open grounds of the garden is strictly prohibited. There are two pavilions for picnic purposes. Charges for each pavilion is Rs. 350/-.
You have to bring all arangements for picnic from outside.
One has to book the picnic spot from the garden office a few days before the date of picnic.
You have to pay parking charges if you go by car.
Entry fee for entering botanical garden is Rs. 5/-.

How to Reach

A number of buses of Kolkata and Howrah go to Shibpur Botanical garden. You can also reach there by taxi or private car.

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