Madhupur is an excellent place for those who want to go for a change. The main reason why people come to Madhupur is to recover their lost health. Sal, Simul and Mango trees surround the city of Madhupur. The main attractions of Madhupur are Ramkrishna Math, Kapil Math, Kalimandir and Dalmia Kup. You can also visit Bokolia Falls located 8 km from Madhupur.


How to Reach

One can reach Madhupur from Howrah directly by train. You can also reach Madhupur from Giridih by train via the branch line joining the two.


Hotel Kumar International. Tariff - Rs. 800-2500. Tel: 06438-241835, 8434588709.
Rajbari Rest House. Tariff - Rs. 400-600.
Moon Guest House. Tariff - Rs. 300-500.

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