Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand. On one side of the city is the Ranchi hill while on the other side stands the Tagore hill and between them is the Ranchi lake. Hills, jungle, lake and waterfalls all enhance the beauty of Ranchi. The best season to visit Ranchi is spring. The main attractions of the place include the Ranchi Hills, Ranchi Lake, Tagore Hill, Dassam Falls and Hundru Falls. Other attractions include Jonha waterfalls, Ramkrishna Mandir, Gorda barrage, Heavy Engineering Corporation, Hatia barrage and Birsa Zoological Park.

Dassam Falls
Hundru Falls

How to Reach

Trains are running from Howrah to Ranchi. One can also take any train to Tatanagar and then take a bus to Ranchi.


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