Lal Jhamela Basti

Lal Jhamela Basti is a virgin tourist spot in Dooars area of West Bengal. It is located near Looksan village in the district of Jalpaiguri. Diana river flows beside this hamlet. The place offers a splendid view of the Bhutan hills. A 25 minutes walk from Lal Jhamela will take you to a hanging bridge situated in the Bhutan border. The beautiful scenery and mesmerizing environment of the place will leave you spellbound. Chengmari Tea Garden lies beside the village. Deer and elephants are also sometimes sighted at Laljhamela Basti.

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How to Reach

13149 Kanchankanya Express runs from Sealdah to New Mal Junction. Lal Jhamela Basti is 40 km from New Mal Junction. Hired cars are available from the station to reach the village. Car charges Rs. 2000-2500. Since it is difficult to get a car for the return journey, so it is better to hire the car for both upward and downward journey. In that case, cars will charge around Rs. 4000.


Diana River Camp Homestay. Tariff - Rs. 1500 including food and lodging. Tel: 9775801245.

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