Ayodhya Hills

Ayodhya Hills, an extension of the Dalma Hills of Jharkhand, is situated in Purulia district of West Bengal. The place is surrounded by forests of sal, teak and mahua trees. It is a picturesque getaway with hills, dales, trees, springs, lakes, river and clear blue skies. The tallest peak of Ajodhya Hills is Gorga-Buru (2850 ft). Ayodhya Hills is home to around 16,000 tribal people. Spanning over an area of 34,517 acres, the forest covering this hill houses various wild animals including leopards, elephants, deer and wolves. According to Hindu mythology, Rama and Sita had come to Ayodhya Hills and stayed during their exile. Sita was thirsty and so Ram pierced an arrow through the Earth's soil crust through which water gushed out. This place is now known as Sita Kunda.

Ayodhya Hills

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How to Reach

Trains are running from Howrah and Santragachi to Purulia. It takes around 5 hours to reach Purulia by train. Buses are also plying from Esplanade and Taratala to Purulia. Ayodhya Hills is situated close to Purulia town.


WBFDC Forest Rest House. Tel: 03252-222329.
Purulia Pumped Storage Project Guest House. Tel: 9434540523.
West Bengal Comprehensive Area Development Lodge. Tel: 033-22377041/43.

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