Baranti is a small tribal village near Asansol in Purulia district of West Bengal. On one side of Baranti is Panchet Hill and on the other side is Biharinath Hill. Baranti river is flowing by the side of Muradi hill. A dam has been constructed on this river. The place is calm, serene and surrounded by forests of Sal, Piyal, Mahua and Teak trees. Every year, during winter, thousands of migratory birds visit the water reservoir created by the dam. Apart from wild rabbits and wild pigs, there are deers in Baranti hill. The view of sunset in the waters of the reservoir is amazing. Altogether an awesome weekend holiday in the midst of nature awaits you at Baranti.


How to Reach

Trains are running from Howrah to Asansol. It takes around 3 hours to reach Asansol from Howrah. From Asansol you can get to Muradi by train. Cars and rickshaws are available from Muradi station to Baranti.


Baranti Wildlife and Nature Study Hut. Tariff - Rs. 650-1200. Tel: 9830085483, 9239060292.
Baranti Village Resort. Tariff - Rs. 2500-3900. Tel: 8906679712.
Akashmoni Resort. Tariff - Rs. 850-1800. Tel: 8017215958.
Lake Hill Resort. Tariff - Rs. 800-1000. Tel: 9564925872.
Palashbari Ecological Resort. Tariff - Rs. 800-900. Tel: 9831507644.

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Bublu Banerjee said...

Baranti Tourist Point(033-69547111/8017202499) is likely to start operation from Puja 2015.The same group has best accommodation at Biharinath.Biharinath is adjacent to Baranti and famous not only for natural beauty but also for religious importance.

reportkolcusap ap said...

Had visited Baranti on Puja 2016 and stayed at Baranti Tourist Point(o33-69547111/8017202499), the new and best at Baranti.Baranti is a serene place and you can feel nature being in the Resort. We visited Garpanchakot/Panchet Dam/Jay Chandi Hill/Susunia Hill and at last stayed at Biharinath(Biharinath Tourist Point) for a day.At Baranti we had a great experience. We were enjoying a campfire and for the getting smell of Chicken Tandoor Hyena( in local dialect AdhBagha) came near the hotel which is just benath the Gorang Hill. We enjoyed Baranti and the experience will be remembered for ever.