Chamurchi is a small and beautiful hill town situated near Indo-Bhutan border. The place is still unexplored and virgin and you will not find much tourists hanging around you. Cascading rivers, lush green tea gardens and a small market make up Chamurchi. The view of Mt. Kanchenjunga is mesmerizing. From Chamurchi you can visit Samtse in Bhutan. Another attraction is the Musical Stone Cave which is just 3 km from Chamurchi. The main characteristic of this cave is that when someone strikes the stones in the cave, a musical sound comes out. You will also witness the flow of the Diana river. Wild animals are sometimes seen drinking water from this river. Rohiti, Garuchira and Kalapani forests are also worth a visit. These forests are home to elephants, gaur and leopards.

How to Reach

13149 Kanchankanya Express is running from Sealdah to New Mal Junction. From there you can reach Chamurchi by car. Car charges around Rs. 900.


Chamurchi Eco Resort. Tariff - Rs. 800-900. Food Charges Rs. 400 per head. Tel: 9903492018.

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