Tajpur is one of the newest beach resorts of West Bengal. The virgin sea beach of Tajpur is dotted with palm trees. One can see numerous red crabs in the beach which makes it look red in colour. The place is calm and serene and is still not much popular among tourists. Several fishing villages are located near Tajpur. Another attraction of Tajpur is the lagoon. The lagoon is quite deep and the view of it is wonderful especially during low tides. But it is not at all safe to bath in the beach adjacent to the lagoon. Mandarmani, another new beach is situated on the other side of the lagoon. There is no electricity in Tajpur and current in the resorts and hotels is generated by generators. View of sunrise and sunset in the sea waters is an extraordinary experience. Adventure lovers can go for parasailing and other water sports which are organized here.


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How to Reach

Tajpur is located 170 km from Kolkata. Trains are running from Howrah to Ramnagar Bengal. It takes less than 3 hours to reach Ramnagar from Howrah. From there hired cars are available to get to Tajpur. You can also disembark at Kanthi or Digha Flag Station and reach Balusai More from there by bus or car. Balusai More can also be reached directly from Kolkata by Digha bound buses. Motor Van and rickshaws ply from Balusai More to Tajpur.


Tajpur Nature Camp. Tariff - Rs. 1600-2000. Tel: 9831631630.
Tajpur Retreat. Tariff - Rs. 1200-1800. Tel: 9830271064.
Blue Lagoon Resort. Tariff - Rs. 1200-3000. Tel: 033-26672764.
Mouchak Hotels and Resorts. Tariff - Rs. 1500-2500. Tel: 9836381770.
Sagar Kinare. Tariff - Rs. 1250-3000. Tel: 9732592801.
Lake View Village Resort. Tariff - Rs. 850-2950. Tel: 9932403257.
New Sonar Bangla Resort. Tariff - Rs. 1100-2500. Tel: 7407187869.
Mallickaa Resort. Tariff - Rs. 1400-2700. Tel: 9609595667.
Sabuj Saikat Resort. Tariff - Rs. 1400-2600. Tel: 9830070011.

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