Jairambati is situated about 6 km from Kamarpukur. Sri Sri Sarada Devi, the wife of Sri Ramkrishna was born in this village. A temple of Sarada Maa has been established here. When entering through the main gate, on the right side of the temple you can see the mother's ancestral house. An idol of Sarada Devi is there inside the temple. On the opposite side of temple you can see Punnipukur and the temple of Sundarnarayan and Shitalamata.


How to Reach

CSTC buses are running from Esplanade, Kolkata to Jairambati. You can also reach Jairambati from Arambagh and Bishnupur by bus, minibus or rickshaw.


Sarada Tourist Lodge. Tariff - Rs. 350-450. Tel: 03244-244263.
Nilachal Lodge. Tariff - Rs. 400-600. Tel: 03244-244268.

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