Satkahania is a tribal village near Panagarh in West Bengal. Located on the banks of the Ajoy River, the place offers its visitors a chance to witness the simple lifestyle of the tribal people while inhaling fresh pollution-free air into their lungs. Overall, the place is ideal for those who wish to spend a weekend amidst peace, serenity and nature. One of the main attractions of this village is the Dakbungalow which is beautifully surrounded by trees, shrubs and flowers. However the prime attraction of Satkahania is the mesmerizing view of sunset from the banks of Ajoy River. You can also visit the nearby Terracotta Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Banbati village.

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How to Reach

Trains are running from Howrah and Sealdah to Panagarh and Bolpur. Satkahania is 20 km from Panagarh and 25 km from Bolpur.


Irrigation Department Bungalow. Tariff - Rs. 275. Tel: 0343-2555640.

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