Antpur is a village in Hooghly district of West Bengal. It consists of eight smaller villages namely Tara, Bamnagar, Kumarbazar, Dharampur, Ranibazar, Anarbati, Bilara and Lohagachhi. The place hosts an array of temples. The most famous temple of Antpur is the Radhagobinda Temple with exquisite terracotta carvings on its walls. The temple is 100 ft tall with various scenes from mythology as well as everyday life depicted on small terracotta panels on the walls of the temple. The Chandi Mandap and Dol Mancha have beautifully crafted wood carvings. Beside the main temple, there are five Shiva temples which also exhibit terracotta work. Sarada Bhawan is located opposite to Radhagovindjiu Temple. The temple remains closed from 12 pm to 3 pm.

Radhagovinda Temple, Antpur

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How to Reach

Antpur is 48 km from Kolkata. Direct buses are available from Kolkata to reach Antpur. You can also reach Haripal from Howrah by local train. Haripal lies on the Howrah-Tarakeshwar line. Buses are plying from Haripal to Antpur.


There is no proper place for accommodation at Antpur.

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