Biharinath is a beautiful hill spot in Bankura District of West Bengal. It is also known as Araku Valley of West Bengal. The beauty of the place increases during winter and spring time. Biharinath Dham is located at the foot of this hill. There are temples of Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga and Kali temple. You can also walk through the Sal forests to the nearby tribal villages.

Biharinath Hill

How to Reach

Trains are running from Howrah to Raniganj. It takes around 3 hours to reach Raniganj from Howrah. From there you have to reach Biharinath hill via Damodar Bridge, Mejia and Saltora. Biharinath is 25 km from Raniganj.


Biharinath Tourist Point. Tariff - Rs. 650-1300. Tel: 8017202499.
Zilla Parishad Atithisala. Tariff - Rs. 400-1000. Tel: 9647902125.

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Bublu Banerjee said...

Best accommodation at Biharinath is BIHARINATH TOURIST POINT(033-69547111/8017202499).I was fortunate to get the best viewing room i.e. room no. 304

Bireswar Sarkar said...

You can also reach By Train from Asansol to MADHUKUNDA station on Asansol Adra route and fro Madhukunda station by Auto, Taxi or trekkar to Biharinath Hill just for 25minutes journey with very little fare.Another route is by road on Durgapur Express highway straight to Niamatpur more, take left turn and straight to SARBORI more (via Dishergarh ghat Bridge)and take left turn Straight to ITURI more (Via Madhkunda station)take left turn and straight to BIHARINATH hill. It will be total around 35km from NIAMOTPUR more.

Ankita Singh said...

Your blog is very informative and to the point. This is very informative and useful blog.