Kolakham is a small hilly hamlet located in the buffer zone of Neora Valley National Park. Situated at an altitude of 6100 ft, Kolakham is a paradise for bird watchers. Cascading waterfalls, view of the majestic Mt. Kanchanjunga and the unmatched beauty of the green valley make Kolakham an ideal retreat for nature lovers. The village is surrounded by hills on three sides. Lava is located on one of the hills whereas Rishop is situated on another. You can trek a distance of 5 km from Kolakham to reach Changey Waterfalls. The way from Lava to Kolakham is extremely beautiful. A number of birds like Green Backed Tit, Scarlet Minivet, Red Tailed Minla and Yellow Billed Blue Magpie are seen here. A water reserve has also been created at a place. The magnificent view of the snow capped peaks in the day and lights of houses of Rishop on the surrounding hill at night is awe-inspiring and wonderful.


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How to Reach

Trains are running from Sealdah, Howrah and Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri. The journey from Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri takes around 10 hours. You can reach Lava from New Jalpaiguri by car. Distance between New Jalpaiguri and Lava is 117 km. From Lava, four-wheel drive jeeps are available to reach Kolakham. You can also get to Kolakham directly from New Jalpaiguri by hired car.


Neora Valley Jungle Camp. Tariff - Rs. 5000. Tel: 9733000442.
Neora Valley Eco Hut. Tariff - Rs. 1600-2600. Tel: 9674900101.
Pinewood Resort. Tariff - Rs. 1800-2500. Tel: 9830906951.
Kolakham Retreat. Tariff - Rs. 1200-2300. Tel: 9836955186.
Hammock Huts. Tariff - Rs. 1600-2600. Tel: 9630423246.

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