Bakreshwar is a Shaktipith. It is said that the eye brows of Sati had fallen in this place. Many people come here to bath in the hotsprings. There are a total of 10 hotsprings here. The temperatures of these hotsprings are in the range of 63 to 80 degree Celsius. The hottest of these springs is Agnikund (temperature around 80 degree Celsius).

Hot Spring at Bakreshwar

How to Reach

Bakreshwar is located 200 km from Kolkata. You can reach there by road directly. Or you can reach Bolpur by train and then from Jamboni bus stand you can get bus which will take you to Bakreshwar. Bakreshwar bound buses leave Jamboni bus stand every half an hour from 5:10 am to 03:10 pm. You can also board the Mayurakshi Fast Passenger and reach Dubrajpur. From there you can get bus or car and reach Bakreshwar.


Bakreshwar Youth Hostel. Tariff - Rs. 250-800. Tel: 033-22480626.
Hotel Bakreshwar Inn. Tariff - 1000-1200. Tel: 9933150016.
Hotel Madhabi Aloy. Tariff - Rs. 1000-2500. Tel: 03462-274264.
Bakreshwar Lodge. Tariff - Rs. 500-1200. Tel: 03462-274212.

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