Nal Sarovar

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is located 65 km from Ahmedabad in Gujarat. The place received its status of bird sanctuary in the year 1969. The sanctuary spans over an area of 11500 hectares. There are a total of 360 islets in this lake. Every winter hundreds of migratory birds from Europe visit this place. Birds like flamingo, heron, pelican, crane are seen in the islets of the lake during the months of December to March. Boating is also done in the waters of Nal Sarovar lake.

Nal Sarovar

How to Reach

Nal Sarovar is 65 km from Ahmedabad. Buses are plying from Ahmedabad to Nal Sarovar. Hired cars are also available from Ahmedabad to reach Nal Sarovar.


Pelican Perch. Tariff - Rs. 3000-4500. Tel: 7575806802.
Flamingo Resort. Tel: 9687695964.

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