"Once the capital of Kamtapur"

Gosanimari Tourism

Gosanimari is a heritage village situated near Cooch Behar in West Bengal. It is located at a distance of 132 km from Jalpaiguri and 15 km from Dinhata. The place marks the site of the ancient capital of Kamtapur kingdom which was established by Maharaja Sandha Roy in the year 1228 AD. Gosanimari is an ideal place for those love history and long to get a glimpse of the past. But if you're not a history fanatic, then you can simply spend some time walking around the place while enjoying its unmatched peace and tranquility.

Sightseeing and Activities

The main attraction of Gosanimari is the Kamteswari Temple. However the original temple is now destroyed. The present temple was established in 1665 A.D. by Maharaja Pran Narayan, the then ruler of Cooch Behar. The structural beauty of this 45-feet high temple is mind blowing. Inside the temple, the throne of Devi is situated. It also houses idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and the Sun god.

Another attraction of Gosanimari is the Rajpat, an excavation site which is believed to be the royal palace of the king of Kamtapur kingdom. It is said that the whole complex including the original Kamteswari Temple now lies buried in this mound. The place is at present protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. Several excavated artifacts like sculptures, coins and utensils are housed in a small museum beside the site.

Best Time to Visit

Gosanimari can be visited all throughout the year except the rainy season.

How to Reach

Trains are running from Sealdah and Howrah to New Coochbehar. You can get trains from New Coochbehar to reach Dinhata. Gosanimari is 15 km from Dinhata. Auto rickshaws are plying from Dinhata to Gosanimari.


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