"Patachitra and Pater Gaan"

Pingla Tourism

Pingla is a village tourism destination situated in Paschim Medinipur district of West Bengal. The place is famous for its Patachitra and Pater Gaan. There are around 250 Patuas (painters) who live in Naya village in Pingla. The paintings are traditionally done in a series of frames on long scrolls of cloth with natural colours extracted from local flowers and leaves. They also produce apparels, stationery and home decor products with Patachitra motifs which are an unique showpiece of cultural expertise and superior craftsmanship.

Sightseeing and Activities

You can take a lazily stroll through the village. Witness the patachitras being painted by the skilled painters who work relentlessly to keep this traditional art form alive. A soul-touching performance by the patuas as they sing stories and unfurl the painting scroll will leave you speechless. These songs  range from traditional mythological tales and tribal rituals to contemporary issues.

The Folk Art Centre at Pingla showcases some rare vintage scrolls as well as the wide range of diversified products made by the artists including t-shirts, hand-fans, lamps, bags, umbrellas and decorative items. You can even participate in workshops to learn how to make natural colours and paints.

Best Time to Visit

Pingla can be visited during the months of August to March. The summers are scorching hot and should be avoided.

How to Reach

Local trains are running from Howrah to Balichak. The village is 20 minutes drive from Balichak. Buses and hired cars are available from Balichak to reach Naya village in Pingla. You can also reach Naya village in Pingla from Kolkata by car. Distance from Kolkata to Pingla is 125 km. It takes around three and a half hours.


You can stay at the Community Resource Centre which offers 2 bedrooms (Non AC) with well furnished lodging facilities. Tel: 033-24178516.

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